Admission Policy

Hawthorne Seniors Care Community is one of several residential care sites contracted by the Fraser Health Authority to provide long-term care for complex care residents.

Admissions are managed by the Fraser Health Authority and are offered only to those clients who meet the Ministry of Health guidelines for Complex Care.
Information on the eligibility requirements and the application process can be obtained through the Fraser Health Authority’s Continuing Care Program at 604.777.7300.

A Community Case Manager will work with you to determine if residential care is the right option for you. During this time, a Long Term Care Assessment will be completed.
The Fraser Health website provides an overview of the process that leads to residential care as well as addresses many of the tasks that are involved in preparing for a move into residential care.
Your Case Manager will let you know if you have met the criteria for residential care and will forward your name for the first available and appropriate vacancy in the health region.

Preparing for Admission

It is important to know that a bed vacancy may occur very quickly following your assessment or you may have some time to wait. When a bed is offered, you need to be ready to move quickly, usually within 48 hours.

Admission to Hawthorne

Your Case Manager will advise you or your family that a bed is available at Hawthorne. A number of things will then happen very quickly. (Where potential residents are not able to manage these activities themselves, their main support people act on their behalf.)

  • Your attending physician will be confirmed. If the physician does not agree to continue as your doctor in residential care, you will need to locate a new one.
  • A tour will be booked with the Social Worker and the Residential Care Coordinator of the program you are moving into. You will tour the facility, meet some of the staff and view your room. This will give you an opportunity to decide which personal pieces of furniture would be reasonable to bring in.
  • You will receive an admission package containing several documents, some of which can wait until you are feeling settled in your new home. They include your wishes regarding access to visiting dental and podiatry services, a Social History and a Degree of Intervention form.
  • The Business Office will provide information on the financial undertakings and options for payment. One-time admission charges include a $35.00 labelling fee and $15.00 for an ID bracelet.
  • Your physician will sign admitting orders and your medications will be ordered from Care RX pharmacy.
  • A date will be set for your move, usually within a day or two.

Admission Day

Every effort is made to tailor the admission day to ensure that you and your family are feeling as comfortable as possible. We will pace the admission activities in accordance with your directions.

Admission activities, which may occur on the day or over several days, include:

  • A nursing assessment
  • Orientation to the physical facilities and the daily routines
  • Allocation of seating in the dining area
  • Introductory visits with members of your care team: the nursing staff, care aides, service support workers, physiotherapist, dietitian, recreational therapist
  • Introduction to fellow residents
  • A maintenance check on electrical items that you have brought with you

Approximately six weeks after your admission day, a care conference will be booked. This will give you and your family an opportunity to meet with the whole team to review your care needs and to ensure that you are as comfortable as you can be in your new home.


Resident requests: Residents are admitted into the bed that is available. At the time of admission, you may put your name down for a room move if you wish.

Change in care needs: Change in a resident’s care needs may require a reassessment of the level of care. This is done in collaboration with the Health Authority and transfer locations will be recommended.

The resident or family will be asked to designate the preferred location, which may be within another program of care in Hawthorne or in another residence. The resident will remain where he/she is until the alternate bed is secure.

Transfer to Acute: Typically, a resident retains his/her bed at Hawthorne for 30 days during a hospitalization. The decision to close a bed is made by the Health Authority in consultation with the medical team.

For information about Long-Term Care programs call 604-468-5014 

For information about Assisted Living call 604-468-5005