Resident Rights & Responsibilities

Each Resident has the right:

  • To be treated as an individual
  • To be treated with dignity and respect
  • To feel safe and secure
  • To assume risk
  • To have his/her privacy protected and respected
  • To have opportunity for his/her social, emotional. Physical and spiritual needs to be met
  • To be fully informed about his/her state of health in understandable terms
  • To be involved in decisions abut his/her care
  • To express his/her opinions and be heard

Each Resident has the responsibility:

  • To live in harmony with other residents
  • To treat all residents and staff with dignity and respect
  • To communicate his/her concerns to the staff and management
  • For his/her own health and well-being, as far as he/she is able
  • To participate with the staff and physician in planning his/her care
  • For all possessions, including valuables he/she brings to the Centre
  • To provide his/her own personal care supplies
  • To abide by the Centre’s policies and safety initiatives
  • To be aware that rent and billable extras are due and payable upon receipt of his/her monthly statement

Link to Province of BC Resident Bill of Rights