Port Coquitlam Senior Citizens’ Housing Society and the Hawthorne Seniors Care Community

Port Coquitlam Senior Citizens’ Housing Society, which operates the Hawthorne Seniors Care Community, has been the largest single provider of residential services to seniors in the Tri-Cities area since 1958 when the organization was founded by a group of caring and visionary volunteers.

We are proud to say that over the course of these five decades the name “Hawthorne” has become synonymous with quality accommodations and quality care for older adults.

The health care and life care needs of senior citizens have been changing over the decades, and Hawthorne has responded by providing older adults with a variety of choices that suit independent lifestyle as well as health-related needs, all in a warm and welcoming community setting that promotes wellness and well-being.

Hawthorne truly is a Campus of Care, offering a total of 271 units of affordable as well as specialized accommodation to area seniors across four locations.