Support Service employees work in all areas of Hawthorne Seniors Care Community and take pride in keeping the residence and residents’ living areas clean and tidy to ensure the well-being of residents, visitors and staff.

When you move into Hawthorne Seniors Care Community, all your clothing will be inventoried and labelled. A copy of the inventory is placed on your chart.

For more details about our laundry services, please take a look at our Resident and Family Handbook, pages 22 and 23. You may find the suggested list of suitable clothing and items to bring very helpful.

Our Laundry Department operates daily from 07:30 to 15:30 hours. We wash your clothes and your clean clothes will be delivered to your room closet and/or drawers.

Two new buses are now shared between the Dogwood site and Hawthorne, providing welcome transportation for both residents, tenants and employees.

Food Services
Last but not least, meals! Good, nutritious food is important for good health.

At Hawthorne Seniors Care Community meals are based on Canada’s Food Guide and are designed to meet the nutritional needs of residents. Three main meals are served and snacks are available throughout the day.

Various texture modifications allow those with difficulties chewing and swallowing to continue to enjoy their favorite foods. The dietitian at Hawthorne will meet with every new resident within 48 hours of his/her admission to discuss food preferences or liaise with family when appropriate.

We strive to make mealtimes relaxing, enjoyable and dignified. Meal delivery varies from area to area.

In general, our larger, hot meal is served at lunch and the smaller meal of the day is supper.

The hospitality services manager, registered dietitian, family members and residents all have a say in the content of the menu. New spring/summer menus and fall/winter menus are planned every year to allow seasonal foods to be incorporated.

A resident food council is held bi-monthly. Residents are invited to give feedback on the meals and service, submit their own recipes and help plan special meal events.

For more information about meals at Hawthorne, please refer to our Family and Resident Handbook, page 21.